Texas Trickle Campaign

As part of my job with the Take Care of Texas program, I proposed a water conservation campaign called the Texas Trickle. It encourages Texans to save more by using less water from the faucet. While turning off the water is ultimately the best way to save, controlling the flow from the faucet saves water when you’re using it! Check out the campaign webpage for more information.

This campaign was inspired by a concept I learned about while living at Lost Valley Ecovillage and Education Center in Eugene, Oregon years ago.

At the time, I learned it as the “Buddha Flow.” The guest instructor named it this because it teaches patience while using less water. We generally use water from the faucet at full blast without thinking, but this method uses a lesser flow. For most people, it feels like it takes much longer to rinse or wash in our age of instantaneous. But after a while one adjusts and patient water usage leads to savings!

I modified the concept of the “Buddha Flow” into the Texas Trickle, and it’s become a Texas state-wide water conservation marketing campaign!

As part of this modification, the campaign inspiration was pulled from the frequent severe droughts in Texas as well as our deep appreciation of water across the state.

Under my direction, we created a fully digital campaign suite of resources, including graphics, worksheets, a lesson plan, blog posts, and videos to share online!

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