Taylor Nelson is a communications professional with 10 years of varied marketing and communications experience.  He found his passion for environmentalism / conservation / sustainability while in Oregon, and has pursued “green marketing” in his most recent roles.

Taylor knows the importance of our environment and how we must protect and conserve it not only for ourselves, but for future generations. Through his work, Taylor shares his knowledge and passion with others so they too can understand how essential the environment is.

Taylor has worked for several mid-sized marketing agencies, an education-focused intentional community in Oregon, a tree planting nonprofit in Dallas, and for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. He built his foundation in public relations within the automotive and technology fields, gaining a well-rounded marketing background working for agencies. After several years, he took a step-back and found his passion for the environmental field. Taylor completed an immersive sustainability education program in Oregon before returning to Texas working for a localized tree planting nonprofit. Seeking to expand his impact to fellow Texans across the state, he joined the Take Care of Texas program under the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. After TCEQ, Taylor supported Texas Disposal Systems, a waste disposal company, as their first ever Digital Marketing Specialist.

Taylor is a seasoned marketing and communications professional. His experiences are in the fields of content marketing, public relations, partner collaboration, strategic planning, and with competency in content development and graphic design. Here is a brief list of additional skills and specialties below:

  • Client and account management
  • Proactive and reactive public relations
  • Competitive audits and analysis
  • Social media management
  • Marketing materials development
  • Moderate graphic design experience
  • Byline and ghostwritten articles

For additional context, here’s a visual index of some of Taylor’s current and/or previous clients for reference: