Musical Celebrations for Tree Plantings

There were many different types of tree planting celebrations. A lot of which involved golden shovels for sponsors and photo opps! However, music was always a key theme at our events. We had a speaker setup at most events to use as a PA system, but also plugged in music for occasional events. Many of these celebrations also had local students perform as part of the ceremonies.

Below is a compilation of sped-up clips showing students performing or singing along for you to enjoy!

Cool Schools Program

Cool Schools connect students and teachers to nature by planting trees and creating fun and engaging outdoor experiential learning areas. These were some of my favorite projects getting to work with volunteers and kids to plant trees! It was great seeing students experiencing the outdoors and getting their hands dirty. Below are some Texas Trees Foundation blog posts that highlight different Cool School planting events.

You can find more of work and planting events on my Master List of Texas Trees Work blog post.

I also recommend checking out my Mulchkins at Tree Plantings blog post too!

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