TCEQ Conference and TEEA Banquet

This was the first year during the pandemic I attended the Environmental Trade Fair and Conference (ETFC) hosted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Ironically, I worked for TCEQ for the Take Care of Texas program during the initial years of the pandemic which shut down the conference – so I was never able to attend while working for the agency.

I attended the first day of the conference as an exhibitor with Texas Disposal Systems. I worked the booth alongside a couple salesmen and really enjoyed speaking with guests and handing out promotional items.

Throughout the day attendees would come in waves between educational sessions. According the the ETFC website, ““Agency staff [led] over 100 courses and discussions at Trade Fair. Topics included air and water permitting, oil and gas, industrial and solid waste management, compliance and enforcement, and remediation programs.”

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Rodeo Austin and Waste Wrangling

This was my first experience at Rodeo Austin. My fairground passes were free through my job at Texas Disposal Systems, since we were a major partner offering waste and site services. The site services being restroom units and trailers, along with handwashing stations. I did not attend the official rodeo events, but I did enjoy the carnival foods, exhibition shows, and livestock competition judging. I also took photos of the restrooms and handwashing stations to use for social media, webpages, and general sales materials.

Check out this short commercial about the 2022 Rodeo Austin event. See highlights from the live music concerts, rodeo competition events, carnival attraction rides, and fun livestock interactions!

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Texas Compost Conference 2022

The USCC’s Annual Conference is the premiere professional meeting for composting, organics recycling, and related topics. This year’s conference was from January 24th-27th in Austin, Texas, and the demonstration day was held at the Texas Disposal Systems’ organics processing facility.

My coworkers and I were given the opportunity to check out the on-site demo day. The event featured large heavy machinery on display for the conference attendees to watch in action.

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TDS Christmas Tree-cycling and Wreaths Across America

Texas Disposal Systems offers holiday-related organics processing under two major programs: (1) Christmas Tree Recycling and (2) Wreaths Across America support.

Every year TDS opens up their facilities for free Tree Recycling and holiday organic waste disposal. This includes live Christmas Trees and wreaths, as well as any left over pumpkins. Residents can visit their regional facility or the main landfill in Creedmoor to drop off their trees and organics. From there, we process the trees through chippers into high-quality, rich products like mulch or compost. These products are sold via the Garden-Ville retail centers back into the local community.

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Taylor’s Professional Career Track

I’ve had a very interesting roller-coaster of a career track, and wouldn’t want it any other way. I began my marketing career at a boutique automotive firm and then worked my way up to larger communications agencies. While I learned and my skills grew, I felt like there was still something missing. Passion. So I took a step back from a traditional path to find it. Through environmental education and adventures in sustainability, I found a career track I’m passionate about using my seasoned marketing skills.

The list below starts with my most recent job and goes back in sequence below:

Texas Disposal Systems

Continuing my Texas conservation marketing career, I joined the Texas Disposal Systems as their first ever Digital Marketing Specialist.

In this position I help with paid online ad efforts, email marketing, updating the website, content strategy, and other digital responsibilities.

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Texas Disposal Systems

Continuing my Texas conservation marketing career, I left the Take Care of Texas program to join the Texas Disposal Systems as their first ever Digital Marketing Specialist! (See my previous work from TCOT, including the Texas Trickle.)

The first few days consisted on new employee orientation, as well as advanced defensive driver training for new employees who drives for the company.

On my actual first day on the job, the company marketing director took me on a tour of the landfill and the onsite animal sanctuary. We started off at the main administrative building where I work, which featured several recycled metal art sculptures – like a mama bear and her cubs, as well as a tree with an eagle.

Here is a video tour of the main Creedmoor Facility. It highlights all the operations onsite, like the landfill, composting center, materials recovery facility (MRF), and the exotic animal sanctuary.

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