Taylor’s Professional Career Track

I’ve had a very interesting roller-coaster of a career track, and wouldn’t want it any other way. I began my marketing career at a boutique automotive firm and then worked my way up to larger communications agencies. While I learned and my skills grew, I felt like there was still something missing. Passion. So I took a step back from a traditional path to find it. Through environmental education and adventures in sustainability, I found a career track I’m passionate about using my seasoned marketing skills.

The list below starts with my most recent job and goes back in sequence below:

Texas Disposal Systems

Continuing my Texas conservation marketing career, I joined the Texas Disposal Systems as their first ever Digital Marketing Specialist.

In this position I help with paid online ad efforts, email marketing, updating the website, content strategy, and other digital responsibilities.

Take Care of Texas, TCEQ

Wanting to take my environmental impact to a larger audience, I joined the Take Care of Texas program under the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, our state’s environmental protection agency.

As an Information Specialist, my job was to create marketing material for environmental education and outreach for Texans across the state. I joined a few months before the 2020 pandemic. We were actually evacuated from our building due to potential exposure when little was known.

I’ve coordinated the 6-12th grade video contest, drafted original blogs and marketing materials, developed marketing campaigns, assisted with website updates, and much more!

See more of my TCOT works here.

Texas Trees Foundation

I returned to Texas feeling inspired after my many months in Oregon and sought a marketing job in the realm of environmental. That’s when I joined the Texas Trees Foundation, an urban-focused tree planting nonprofit.

As the first official marketing manager, I built the foundation of this foundation’s marketing program, with great success to add!

I facilitated the website redesign, documented events, created original content, promoted fundraising, tabled exhibits, and much more.

Aside from marketing responsibilities, I was also helped with volunteer management. This included serving as a crew leader, tree giveaway coordinator, and extra tree planter. I’ve lead dozen of volunteer groups through plantings and manual labor events.

You can see my work on the Texas Trees Foundation website or on my Master List of Texas Trees Work blog post.

Lost Valley Education & Event Center

I took a few steps back from my communications agency career to re-evaluate what I really wanted to be doing. In this process I found an immersive sustainability education program at Lost Valley Education and Event Center in Oregon.

I earned a Permaculture Design Certification and an Ecovillage Design Education cert as part of the three month immersion program. During my time at this intentional community I also helped as a marketing contractor promoting on-site events, solar roller educational trailer, and the Holistic Sustainability Semester program on social media.

This was a life changing experience in more ways than I expected, and I found my passions within sustainability and environmentalism.

HCK2 Partners

After my previous internship ended, I landed another public relations internship at HCK2 Partners. In the role of Account Coordinator, I supported primarily the technology clients, as well as general PR needs.

I was hired on full-time a few months into my internship. After a year on the PR/media team, I requested a move to the creative team. In this new role I supported new business, content development, branding strategy, in-agency marketing, and wherever else I could help!

This was by far the best agency I worked under during my career. Some of the clients included:


I joined 70KFT as a public relations intern. I was very grateful to have joined a larger agency with multiple departments. This was a great learning experience paralleling my first job at a boutique communications firm.

This is where I cut my teeth on cross-department collaboration and work flow processes on larger scales. I also enjoyed the fun atmosphere and blended culture of the agency.

This agency no longer exists and was absorbed in-house under a cybersecurity company. Some of the clients included:

TimePiece PR & Marketing

My first big break after graduating was at TimePiece PR & Marketing. I worked as a content specialist developing materials for automotive clients. This included writing press releases, developing social media content, drafting blogs and articles, while also creating marketing plans and managing clients. Some of these clients included:

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