Roadtrip Map – Taylor’s Oregon Trail

Taylor’s Oregon Trail Map on Google – From Dallas, TX to Dexter, OR

Below is the map of my journey from Texas to Oregon over a 5 day drive. I also included the city stops, driving distances and travel times for each leg of my trip underneath the map.

Destinations on my roadtrip:  [Not including stop times]

Leg A-B: Frisco, TX to Salina, KS
6 h 39 min (438.1 mi)

Leg B-C: Salina, KS to Denver, CO
5 h 58 min (434.7 mi)

Leg C-D: Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT
7 h 47 min (520.7 mi)

Leg D-E: Salt Lake City, UT to Burns, OR
7 h 32 min (523.8 mi)

Leg E-F: Burns, OR to Dexter, OR
4 h 17 min (246.7 mi)

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Roadtrip Day 5 – Photos

This is the first daytime-view of the motel that I stayed at in Burns, Oregon. The night drive to the motel was very straining, but the light this sign emitted was like a beacon in the dark the night before.

Here is another view of the actual hotel, which wasn’t half bad as a last minute, one-night stay.

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Roadtrip Day 4 – Part 2– Photos

After a long drive through the rest of Utah, I finally made it to Idaho! I buckled down and powered through until I saw a Chickfila sign at the Twin Falls exit – which turned out to be my most interesting detour.

After gorging myself at Chickfila and resupplying at Target, I headed over to the town’s visitor center, which sat at the edge of the canyon on the far end of the Perrine Memorial Bridge. Below is a scale-model of the bridge that many people use for base-jumping.

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Roadtrip Day 4 – Part 1– Photos

I stayed the night in Salt Lake City at the Ramada Motel, which also had a built-in Indian Cuisine restaurant. After checking-in, I weighed my options for food and decided to cap off the night with a cheeseburger and fries from the Denny’s across the street before embarking on a vegetarian diet.

My grandmother on my dad’s side texted me the night before to check out the Temple Square – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – before I left the city. So I carved out some time to see the square before embarking on a long leg of my road trip.

Below are some of the buildings I saw during my 1 hour personal tour:

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Roadtrip Day 3 – Photos

My time in Denver was pretty short, but I ended up sharing my dinner table with a large black family at the hotel buffet who needed extra seating. They were from Colorado and just doing a “staycation” in Denver to get away from home. After resupplying and eating breakfast, I headed toward Ft. Collins, CO, and stopped at a natural park behind a planned community to take pictures of the mountain range I was going to cross.

After crossing the mountain range, the highway turned to dirt for about 20 miles and we got stuck behind an 18-wheeler that was kicking up dust and rocks.

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Roadtrip Day 2 – Photos

The second day of my roadtrip started off in Salina, KS with the day to drive to Denver, CO. I stayed the night at Country Inn & Suites, which had the softest mattress, sheets and pillows of all the hotels I’ve experienced. The following morning I woke up to DIY waffle buffet, a breakfast room full of Air Force Radio Operators in transition, and a Walmart next door where I resupplied for the trip.

I didn’t take many pictures on my way to Colorado, other than a few videos of how much the land looks like the drive through West Texas – only less red dirt, and about the same amount of windmills.

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