Austin FC and TDS Earth Day

I wasn’t able to attend the Texas Disposal Systems booth for Earth Day at Austin FC’s game day at Q2 Stadium. However, my coworkers told me the game I created for our booth was super popular and had the longest wait line of all the vendor booths!

The game I proposed was a “Sort and Toss” cornhole-style game. Participants would spin a wheel with various forms of waste, then toss a bean bag into the corresponding and correct waste bin for a prize.

I managed to pull several existing pieces of equipment together to create this game. The components included waste bins from our PGA golf event tent, a preexisting spin wheel with new Austin FC graphic inserts, and bean bags from Amazon.

I was told the participants really enjoyed the game and found it challenging, but not too difficult. My team also told me they couldn’t have multiple players at once for an unforeseen reason. Apparently, the TDS and Austin FC partnership for landfill diversion resulting in many of their concession items being compostable. This meant most of the players’ spins landed on compostabale waste, resulting in most players aiming and shooting for the only compost waste cart – so only one player could go at a time! Based on the stadium’s concession diversion, the recycling cart was the second most popular target. While the landfill cart was hardly ever the waste target goal.

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