Austin FC and TDS Earth Day

I wasn’t able to attend the Texas Disposal Systems booth for Earth Day at Austin FC’s game day at Q2 Stadium. However, my coworkers told me the game I created for our booth was super popular and had the longest wait line of all the vendor booths!

The game I proposed was a “Sort and Toss” cornhole-style game. Participants would spin a wheel with various forms of waste, then toss a bean bag into the corresponding and correct waste bin for a prize.

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Rodeo Austin and Waste Wrangling

This was my first experience at Rodeo Austin. My fairground passes were free through my job at Texas Disposal Systems, since we were a major partner offering waste and site services. The site services being restroom units and trailers, along with handwashing stations. I did not attend the official rodeo events, but I did enjoy the carnival foods, exhibition shows, and livestock competition judging. I also took photos of the restrooms and handwashing stations to use for social media, webpages, and general sales materials.

Check out this short commercial about the 2022 Rodeo Austin event. See highlights from the live music concerts, rodeo competition events, carnival attraction rides, and fun livestock interactions!

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Wisdome Immersive Exhibit – SXSW 2022

I love geodesic domes. I feel like they are the perfect design maximizing space and resilient through various types of weather. Domes also remind me of space dwellings. Which has been an inspiration for my dream of operating an adult edutainment space colony glamping center. Historically, Buckminster Fuller was the original pioneer of geodesic domes. His intended design purpose for geodesic domes was efficient housing for the masses. Overtime, domes have taken shape for other applications, including interactive event facilities!

2022 South by Southwest (SXSW) was the first time I attended this major local event. Even though I’m not comfortable in crowded events and festivals, SXSW had a pop-up event venue I was determined to see. Wisdome Immersive Music & Art Park. This exhibit was temporarily relocated from Los Angeles to Austin for SXSW. Wisdome offered 360 immersion, yoga and soundbath experiences, as well as live music concerts during SXSW!

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TDS Christmas Tree-cycling and Wreaths Across America

Texas Disposal Systems offers holiday-related organics processing under two major programs: (1) Christmas Tree Recycling and (2) Wreaths Across America support.

Every year TDS opens up their facilities for free Tree Recycling and holiday organic waste disposal. This includes live Christmas Trees and wreaths, as well as any left over pumpkins. Residents can visit their regional facility or the main landfill in Creedmoor to drop off their trees and organics. From there, we process the trees through chippers into high-quality, rich products like mulch or compost. These products are sold via the Garden-Ville retail centers back into the local community.

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Whole Life Learning Center – Winter Solstice Celebration Market

In mid-December, I finally got the chance to visit the Whole Life Learning Center (WLLC) in South Austin. The WLLC is a mix-use facility with the primary purpose of outdoor education for children. While the focus is for hands-on outdoor learning for kids, there are frequent opportunities for teen and adult environmental education. There’s also an on-site plant nursery, Cultivate Holistic Supply, which offers a slew of organic supplies.

In honor of the Winter Solstice, various vendors came together for a Winter Solstice Celebration Market. The products they offered ranged from hand-made jewelry to organic tinctures and anything you could imagine made from beeswax or honey byproducts.

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Trash Goalie Waste Diversion

As part of my work with Texas Disposal Systems, we support the waste diversion services of the Austin FC Q2 Stadium. This work has included serving as “Trash Goalies” during football (soccer) games!

Being a volunteer Trash Goalie, we helped monitor the eco-waste stations near the concession areas and stadium seating. The eco-waste stations were divided into three separate, labeled bins so attendees could see where their waste should go. Our jobs were to help “block shots” to prevent contamination as well as educate guests on proper disposal practices at the stadium.

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