Educational Exhibiting Mobile Trailers

After attending many educational events and conferences, I noticed a trend of educational exhibit trailers. I’m a big fan of mobile education, especially when it’s experiential and hands on. Mobile learning (not digital) helps students absorb information differently than traditional classroom at-desk learning. Trailers like there outside of conferences can be towed to schools for on-site field trips or to create temporary outdoor classrooms for contextual environmental learning. I could go on about this topic!

The educational trailers listed below include a mobile greenhouse, aquaponic lab, anti-poaching station, mobile solar power and education, and interactive agricultural exhibits!

Mobile Aquaponics Learning Lab Trailer

“Out of the very humble beginnings of a tiny, dark, crowded ag mech shop at Collins Middle School, Larry Acock and his team of young eighth grade boys have emerged year after year with some very spectacular projects.

One year they did a handicapped-accessible deer stand with elevator for disabled veterans. Last year they made the first mobile calf cooler of its kind. And this year, they topped by constructing a mobile aquaponics lab.” – Corsicana Daily Sun

Wall of Shame Anti-Poaching Traveling Exhibit

“The Operation Game Thief Wall of Shame Exhibit, is a display that acts as a valuable means of advertising the Operation Game Thief message with the public.” – Operation Game Thief

Planet Agriculture – Texas Farm Bureau

“Livestock shows are the crossroads of urban and rural life in the Lone Star State. Planet Agriculture, Texas Farm Bureau’s (TFB) interactive exhibit, helps bridge the gap and connect youth and adults to the food and fiber grown in Texas.”
– Texas Farm Bureau Blog

Harvest Experience Trailer – Texas Farm Bureau

“The Harvest Experience Trailer, which simulates corn and wheat harvests, had 71,820 visitors. The trailer was on display at livestock shows and at a NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth.” – Texas Farm Bureau Blog

Evie the Educational Greenhouse Trailer

Evie” is an evolution of SMU’s Greenhouse for Good research project that began in 2016. When they found her, she was an old Shasta, forgotten and in disrepair. Evie was reborn on March 31, 2017 as a completely retrofitted mobile greenhouse.

​Now, Evie joins the Hunt Institute and Lyle School of Engineering as the embodiment of its interdisciplinary approach to student-led research and innovations in urban agriculture.

The Hunt Institute is joining with Big Tex Urban Farms to debut Evie at Earth Day TX 2017.

Solar Roller Mobile Educational Deployment Unit

“The “Solar Roller” is Lost Valley’s latest educational resource to help spread the word on solar power and sustainability!  Our mobile display comes with solar-focused information, hands-on demonstrations, and stellar solar-cooked snacks. 

Specs: The Solar Roller is equipped with a 1800 watt solar array, 4400 watt inverter, and 4400 watt hrs. of battery storage. It can easily power almost any outdoor educational event. In addition, it carries 100 gallons of on-board water supply, WiFi internet, electronics charging station, emergency supplies, a hand-washing station, and more.” – Lost Valley Website

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