Taylor Nelson’s PDC & EDE Adventure – Episode 3 – Stuffing the Jeep

Jamming the Jeep Full of Gear

This vlog takes you through how I packed my Jeep for the 12-weeks in Oregon at Lost Valley. I managed to pack in the Texas heat and humidity on the first day of my roadtrip – before arriving to Salina, Kansas.

I can’t just get enough of “Taylor’s Time-lapse!” So there is another in this episode.

Here is my previous Vlog:

Taylor Nelson’s PDC & EDE Adventure – Episode 1 – Packing Day

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/h1XdfrcqYdo

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Packing The Adventuremobile – Photos

What’s an adventure without your trusty steed?

I’m pretty sure I overpacked, but I would rather have something and not need it, than need it and not have it. And I somehow managed to have left over space to see out the rear window, see all rear blind spots, and have quick access to the cooler and my camera gear.

So far, I’ve had to stop several times to secure my bike, the yoga mats on the roof, and readjust the roof bag and straps. The downside to the bag is the sail effect while diving in high winds…


I took several photo as I progressively packed:

Opened Jeep, ready to be loaded down
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Taylor Nelson’s PDC & EDE Adventure – Episode 2 – Campsite Dry-Run

Campsite Dry-Run

This vlog takes you through the process of my campsite setup through an initial dry-run. It covers my tent and my hammock covered with a camo tarp. Lots of options for when I go exploring or camping out onsite.

Get ready for more of “Taylor’s Time-lapse” in this episode. Fun fact – it was hot AND humid that day too!

Here is my first, and previous Vlog:

Taylor Nelson’s PDC & EDE Adventure – Episode 1 – Packing Day

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/sG7nPOC-TWE

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What is Permaculture? – The Perfect Video Explaination

Best, Easiest Intro Videos to Understand Permaculture

I found this video, and it perfectly nails what permaculture is and it’s history! Spend the less-than-2-minutes of your time to watch it and get a better understanding of this umbrella terminology.

Also, check out Andrew Millison’s FREE Online Permaculture Course hosted through Oregon State University!

Andrew Millison brings nearly 20 years experience in designing and building permaculture projects to his teaching and wants to share that rich, real-world experience with his students. 

He has been studying, teaching and practicing permaculture since he took his first course in 1996. He began teaching permaculture at the college level in 2001 and has been an instructor at Oregon State University in the Horticulture Department since 2009.  Andrew currently teaches the Permaculture Design Course and the Advanced Permaculture Design Practicum at OSU both on campus and online.

Andrew also has produced two open source textbooks for his courses that are freely available:

Below is his video on how he describes what Permaculture is – a video from his FREE online course.

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Taylor Nelson’s PDC & EDE Adventure – Episode 1 – Packing Day

Packing Day Episode

This video is my first vlog that shows what I’m packing to take to Lost Valley. It is a quick highlight of my gear with an exciting “Taylor’s Time-lapse” finale!

I start outlining my gear quadrant by quadrant, and hope to create a follow-up episode where I provide additional commentary. Any feedback or “constructive advice” is appreciated, and will be considered!

Below are additional image angles:

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