Taylor’s Personal Projects List

This is a collection of my personal projects, most of which are gardening-related. I also have a few projects related to vermiculture, a hobby I picked up years ago trying to improve my waste practices. Check out each project blog post to see more details and follow my creation process.

Project: The [RE]verse Pitch Competition

I decided to participate in the [RE]verse Pitch Competition through the city of Austin. It’s an entrepreneurial competition like Shark Tank, only the difference is that materials are pitched in reverse to the entrepreneurs. I created vermicomposting bags made from Austin Eastcider’s excess sugar Supersacks. 

Learn more about my experience.

Project: Worm Sifter

I built a worm casting sifter, or a panning trommel, to help better separate my worms from my castings. I found a worm casting sifter DIY video online and recreated it. Overall, I would recommend a different style and have it mechanically powered instead of manual.

Check out my worm casting sifter process.

Project: DIY Hanging Planter Stand

I found some sawhorse brackets at a hardware store and thought they might work to expand my hanging planter garden!

Recreating oversize sawhorses, or A-frames, with some 2×4’s, the hinging clamps made the stands very portable to boot! I screwed in seven eye-hooks to attach the Topsy Turvy bags.

See more of my build here.

Project: Swing Set Planter

After finding and collecting a sizable stash of Topsy Turvys from Goodwill, I found an idea from Pinterest on how to hand and use them!

Using a free swing set from Craigslist, I turned it into a semi-mobile vertical planter hanger without digging into the yard.

More on my first vertical planter rig.

Project: Seed Bombs

Using excess old used worm newspaper and a bag of wildflower seeds, I made my own seed bombs.

Ideal seed bombs have soil, clay, and compost with seeds. However, newspaper also works as it will melt in the rain releasing the seeds, just like a soil-based seed bomb.

Follow my seed bomb steps here.

Project: Grow Light Stations

I claimed a barren shelf unit in the living room and attached my grow lights to each level.

I started using them to jumpstart my houseplants. Then swapped my plants for seed cups housed in muffin trays. I had some limited success with my green beans and some wildflower seed cups.

Check out all my grow light setups.

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