Personal Project: Swing Set Planter

After finding and collecting a sizable stash of Topsy Turvys from Goodwill, I found an idea from Pinterest on how to hand and use them! What I did was find a FREE swing set on Craigslist, disassemble it, drive it home, and them reassemble it in the backyard. This would serve as the semi-mobile vertical planter hanger without digging into the yard as a renter tenant.

I broke out my untouched Topsy Turvy bags, mixed some soil and worm castings, and loaded up my strawberries, tomatoes, pepper, and cucumber starters. Overall, there bags a bit challenging to get the plants in without breaking a few stems or branches. I still think the pro’s in my situation outweigh the con’s of growing upside-down.

Check out the Topsy Turvy Infomercial below for a better understanding of these planters.

After a few weeks or a couple of months, these fruits and veggies were thriving! Especially the tomato and strawberry plants! I did have some bugs get at my single bell pepper and my cucumber plant only blossomed.

Irrigation Install

A few months down the road, I added some irrigation tubing to the swing set planter hanger. I found the tubing and irrigation kit at Goodwill and finally found an application for some of it. The water hose attached to one end and released water to each planter’s drip line. I also added some leftover solar lights I had, a fake snake to keep birds away, a large rain gauge, and a side holster planter for my peas.

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