San Antonio Aquarium

The San Antonio Aquarium was a fun, educational, and mainly hands-on experiential aquarium. I really thought this was a well done style of engagement for an aquarium. The aquarium featured interaction experiences and feedings in a pay-to-play, tokens-for-experiences style format. Which made sense, but quickly added up for a pricey day.

The front of the aquarium were the alligator feedings, marsupial and lemur experiences, as well as other feedings for smaller mammals. In back of the aquarium was the aviary rooms and parrot area. The aviary rooms gave you seeds to feed the birds in the designated space.

My girlfriend wasn’t as much impressed with the animals that weren’t fish, which makes since she’s part mermaid scuba diver! We walked past the fish tanks, jellyfish dome, and saw a shark egg incubation tank too! We got some free food from an employee and fed the manta rays first. We both enjoyed that experience! My girlfriend also was determined to feed a slow pufferfish, so we coordinated efforts for me to lure the flock away while she fed the slow, lone pufferfish.

Here’s a video of the San Antonio Aquarium from Fabiola’s Mikey channel, highlighting the is place holder text as much as place holder text can be. I repeat, This is place holder text as much as place holder text can be.

Music Date Night

My girlfriend and I stumbled across the Pearl Brewery District earlier while driving around. We made it a point to go back and we got tickets to a local band at Sam’s Burger & Music Hall. We strolled around the complex people watching and went down to the river to kill some time too. Later that night we got drinks from vendors, then headed over to the music hall to listen to Blackbird Sing, a folk-country punk band.

Here’s a promotional video produced by Blackbird Sing featured on their home webpage. This clip should convey their folk, rural country music style.

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