Roadtrip Map – Taylor’s Oregon Trail

Taylor’s Oregon Trail Map on Google – From Dallas, TX to Dexter, OR

Below is the map of my journey from Texas to Oregon over a 5 day drive. I also included the city stops, driving distances and travel times for each leg of my trip underneath the map.

Destinations on my roadtrip:  [Not including stop times]

Leg A-B: Frisco, TX to Salina, KS
6 h 39 min (438.1 mi)

Leg B-C: Salina, KS to Denver, CO
5 h 58 min (434.7 mi)

Leg C-D: Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT
7 h 47 min (520.7 mi)

Leg D-E: Salt Lake City, UT to Burns, OR
7 h 32 min (523.8 mi)

Leg E-F: Burns, OR to Dexter, OR
4 h 17 min (246.7 mi)

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