Urban Axe Throwing League

One of the athletic hobbies I picked up while living in South Austin during the pandemic was axe throwing! I enjoyed my axe throwing experiences when I went on dates. But then it hit me, I can do axe throwing without dates and have fun on my own. That’s when I decided to join an axe throwing league at Urban Axes Austin.

I initially started off like most amateur throwers, with a double handed overhead throw. I was decently fair at this throwing style. Over time I noticed the seasoned leagues and professionals honed their throwing style to just single handed. So I decided to make the switch and deal with the learning curve.

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PEAS Community Farm “Spring into Fun Day”

I went to the “Spring into Fun Day” garden tour hosted at Cummingham Elementary by PEAS (Partners for Education, Agriculture, and Sustainability.) During my time in Austin, I’ve crossed paths with PEAS’ educational and outreach efforts. I’m very impressed with what they have achieved and how they leverage partnerships within the community.

After parking and walking onto the school grounds, I headed over to the elementary school garden. This is both an educational and production garden. Students are taught how to grow and care for produce, along with science lessons.

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TCEQ Conference and TEEA Banquet

This was the first year during the pandemic I attended the Environmental Trade Fair and Conference (ETFC) hosted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Ironically, I worked for TCEQ for the Take Care of Texas program during the initial years of the pandemic which shut down the conference – so I was never able to attend while working for the agency.

I attended the first day of the conference as an exhibitor with Texas Disposal Systems. I worked the booth alongside a couple salesmen and really enjoyed speaking with guests and handing out promotional items.

Throughout the day attendees would come in waves between educational sessions. According the the ETFC website, ““Agency staff [led] over 100 courses and discussions at Trade Fair. Topics included air and water permitting, oil and gas, industrial and solid waste management, compliance and enforcement, and remediation programs.”

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