Packing The Adventuremobile – Photos

What’s an adventure without your trusty steed?

I’m pretty sure I overpacked, but I would rather have something and not need it, than need it and not have it. And I somehow managed to have left over space to see out the rear window, see all rear blind spots, and have quick access to the cooler and my camera gear.

So far, I’ve had to stop several times to secure my bike, the yoga mats on the roof, and readjust the roof bag and straps. The downside to the bag is the sail effect while diving in high winds…


I took several photo as I progressively packed:

Opened Jeep, ready to be loaded down

Rear view of trunk with car organizer, seats and rubber mat on top of the empty storage wheel area
I manged to still have room for a passenger in the back after packing
Driver and passenger seats, along with my favorite hat and handy phone/camera holder


Final photos of the Jeep fully loaded, included two awesome bumper stickers!

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