Austin Public Library Eco Day

The Austin Public Library’s Eco Day – Green Resource Fair was a nice little event put on at the Austin Central Library. I’ve been to this library several other times for green speaker series before, but this was the first “fair” they put on.

Outside the library were bicyclists working on bikes and swapping parts together. Inside was the exhibit hall and speaker stairwell auditorium. The fair was a little slow to start, but got kicked into high gear once the fair officially started 30 minutes in.

Among the exhibitors I stopped to chat with included the Central Texas Mycological Society, Grow Green Austin, the Austin Permaculture Guild, Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center, and Shoal Creek Conservancy.

The Grow Green booth also had an image board of painted rain drains across the city. These help promote waste conservation through creativity, and help Keep Austin Weird like the slogan.

The Eco Day Fair speakers were also very interesting! Linda Wall spoke on seed saving and proper storage practices. Mary Priddy with the City of Austin spoke on the city’s efforts regarding climate change and climate resilience. Some representatives from Tillery Street Plant Company talked about House Plant 101 topics, like mental health benefits of plants to common diseases and management tips. Lastly, the Shoal Creek Conservancy talked about their conservation efforts on Shoal Creek. I joined the SCC speaker and she took me on a private tour of the creek right outside the library. She was very informative and told me how certain areas are more impacted by others due to human traffic.

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