Wonderspaces and Mini Golf Austin

My girlfriend planned a few fun dates for us around Austin! The first of these dates was exploring Wonderspace Austin, an interactive art exhibit in a commercial warehouse. This was a fun art exhibit to walk through, but slightly disappointing compared to how this exhibit was advertised on social media ads. Overall it was very interesting! I liked how interactive the exhibits were, especially the human piano and interactive VR dinner experience.

These were some of the more interactive exhibits. The installation with the tubes reacted to nearby hand motions to blow the ball up the tube. A human piano surrounded by pre-recorded video of the human keys allowed piano players to hit keys for sound and video activation. Another cool installation was the virtual reality dinner. It followed a couple throwing a dinner party and visually recounting their alien encounter which had some trippy visuals.

Here’s a video from The Izzys YouTube channel which takes you through the art exhibit. They definitely had more fun than we did I think. And it took them about the same amount of time as we did going through the exhibit.

Peter Pan Mini Golf Austin

Another date was golfing at Peter Pan Mini Golf near downtown Austin, “just south of the river.” Their classic street sign wished happy birthdays to guys coming later to celebrate birthdays. Peter Pan himself was near the entrance and ticket booth, inked with a Tinkerbell tattoo too!

We played on one side of the two 18-hole course. I think it was close, but Brooklynn beat me with less strokes in the end. Most if not all the sculptures were created by the original founder.

Here is Discover Austin with Craig Smyser’s video highlighting the Peter Pan Mini Golf course:

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