Eco-Road Trip – Russian House #1

Russian House #1 – Summary:

  • Who: Bruce Schmidt; Tatiana Urusova
  • What: Drove to the coast and stopped at tourist shops; Visited the Russian House #1
  • When: Wednesday, March 28
  • Where: Jenner, CA

Quick Resources:

My Route:

Planning my Eco-Inspired Road Trip Blog Post


My Travel Story:

After leaving FrogSong Cohousing Community in Cotati, CA, I drove back to the Pacific coastline, leisurely taking my time because my hostess for Russian House # 1, Tatiana Urusova, wouldn’t be back until later that night to show me around.

“Russian house#1 is a restaurant with healthy Russian fusion food. It’s a cultural center and PostNonClassical Science Center, built for human development.” — RH#1 Facebook Page


So I piddled around on my drive and stopped at Harbor View Gifts & Goodies, where there was a nearby saltwater taffy shop and a view of the bay where I took pictures.

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