An Unforgettable Night at Willie Nelson’s Ranch

Celebrating Lucktoberfest at Willie’s Ranch

I’m thrilled to share my recent adventure at Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch for Lucktoberfest. On October 30, 2022, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of attending this unique event, thanks to her luck in winning free tickets from a local radio station.

A Night of Fun, Swag, and Music

The evening was nothing short of magical. We were greeted with an array of German-inspired music that set the perfect festive tone for the night. The atmosphere was lively, and the crowd was full of energy and excitement. My girlfriend and I managed to score a lot of free swag, adding to the fun and making it a memorable experience.

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Austin Trip – Horn Winery

Horn Winery and Tasting Room Visit

Since I was in the Austin area for some time, I made it a point to visit my former fraternity brother, Brandon Bownds – who has a love for making all sorts of alcohol, even when I lived with him in college – at the winery he now manages, Horn Winery and Tasting Room in Hye, Texas!

While I was aware central Texas is a big producer of wine and craft beer, it was really the drive over to Horn Winery that put this vast volume into context as I drove past dozens of wineries!

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